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Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thanksgiving for McJohns

2012.  Joe and Kathleen had everybody over.  Such food -  such hor d'oeuvres.  Joe is fascinated I guess with Mexican cheese.   It melts so well ...

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ambroise Thomas of Metz

   I began wondering about Agnes Thomas, the bold mother who with her sons and daughters came in 1854 across France to Le Havre and across the ocean to the Mississippi River.  Is Thomas a Welsh name up there in Metz?

  What I found tonight poking around online is a musician born in 1811 in Metz name Ambroise Thomas.  He  could easily be one of us, from his picture and his life story.

Friday, July 13, 2012


No doubt about it, little Packwood is the Center of the Universe.  I brought back a map from one of the local advertising newspapers that shows Mt. Rainier up at the top, Mt. St. Helen's in roughly the middle, the Columbia River rushing along the bottom .....   What a lovely place to stay.

Bill took full advantage of the location, departing at ungodly early hours to get on a trail that invited him.  He is developing a theory that maybe it's hiking that gets his foot to get sore -- not a pleasant theory.  He went to Packwood Lake, Glacier Lake, and Tongue Mountain, on different days of course, and I ate chocolate and watched the resident elk.  Charley, One-Prong, Sam, Sally ... and they had three kids in the herd this year.

Sorry, I don't feel organized enough to get a photo freed up and onto this page to show you today, altho we took a couple of Charley.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

a Bit Uncomfortable

Sitting here with the laptop, it's a little difficult to look at all the junk that has been piled onto the Blogspot -- in an effort to be helpful and informative and attractive, just piled on the garbage.

I did have such a good time with Skype today that I want to say something about it in spite of the discomfort of trying to find my way into posting.  Ian sent me "hello world" written in parentheses -- that is, Skype reads and interprets about twenty of the alphabet characters as little graphicons.  Particularly parenthesized "j" -- a black-and-white jumping man who's just darling.

Hurrah for Skype!

Just an outgrowth of the old emoticons that Yahoo once had and Skype has honored for years, but darling.

(hi) (h) (j)

love it!

Monday, July 02, 2012

hey, it is Monday

I know doctor told me not to go barefoot and not to get any cuts on my feet.  But I had  to try to trim toenails that I really can't quite see or reach -- sure I had to.  So I'm sitting here with two bandaids on the toe and a paper towel underneath it waiting for the drops of blood to stop.

In our old age we get stubborn and foolish?  no, we've always been stubborn and foolish, just can't recover from the bunts as well.

I'm wondering, when I try my own browser to hunt for "visitmolly" I get two pointers to blogs from the early 2000s -- one about angels and one about "short hair".  I approve heartily of both, but I wonder how come they show up separately?  Is that my browser only, or is it general to all users?

Otherwise, it's cool and cheerful here and I received two lovely pictures from Illinois of the daylilies blooming there in the remarkable heat.  Glad to have the pictures, even more glad not to be in the heat!                                    

2012 in Western Springs

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Sunday, July 01, 2012

This was the Lodge at MacDonald Lake in Glacier Park.  Bill and I went to Montana to meet Steve and Lorie and Ian.  Bill went straight across Washington on I 90 to Coeur d'Alene, as we have so often before, but then we turned north.

Well, we made an hour's detour or so to the east along 90 until we had seen the osprey nest again that we have spent pleasant time looking at, before.

And while we were fiddling around with the binoculars and the problems -- could there be a second white head in that nest?  kind of problems -- quite  a large osprey came floatin' along from the lake in front of us as though he were paying a cordial call!

Back on line again

Well, it's been a long time.  What year was it when I last actually looked at the Dashboard of Blogspot?  For some time, I've been using phones (first, the Blackberry;  lately, the Droid) to send pictures or short posts;  but really it could have been a decade since I've looked the Blogger in the eye.

Yeah, the old dial-up was increasingly driving me nuts.  I do remember that.

The Dashboard didn't even look a bit familiar.  Some things have got to change, right.  The old one was a pretty clunky example from what? the early 90s?

But I've learned I can trust the local DSL more or less, and maybe some McJohns will actually use this to keep in touch?

I'll have to see what I remember how to do.   See ya tomorrow.